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Funeral insurance

We offer funeral insurance for you and your loved ones. If one of your members is no longer with us you can have money that will help in the preparation of the funeral. We will help you find the right Funeral Insurance Cover to suit your needs and budget. There are few things in life as tragic and heart-breaking as an unexpected death in the family. This is only increased if your loved ones are trying to come to terms with their loss and having to cope with the cost of the funeral arrangements that honor the memory of their lost one. Don’t let your passing be stained with cumbersome funeral costs. Let us help you find funeral insurance so that you can ensure that their best interests are protected during this difficult time.

Life insurance

At Sit2Mat Financial Services we offer life insurance that you and your loved ones will financially be protected in the event of disability, loss of income, or even death. It doesn’t matter the age stage you at. We will protect you financially. This is all done to provide you with an adequate coverage that will take care of your expenses day-to-day. So, should you pass on as a breadwinner of your household your family will be able to continue as if you were still there? Therefore, it is vital to start as soon as possible while you are still healthy. Remember we will ensure that you get a cover that you can afford and will cover you for financial twists and turns that life throws your way.

Short term insurance

Ever thought what would happen if your car got stolen, hijacked, damaged, or your house burgled, flooded during a storm etc? We all hope (and some believe) it won’t happen to us, but reality is it does happen! Usually when we least expect it and cannot afford the loss.

Our short-term insurance gives you access to car, household, and liability and accident cover from a range of leading insurance providers. We can also arrange top-up cover to boost your insurance benefits and offer an exclusive range of value-adding benefits through Sit2Mat financial services assist. Our packages differs, if you want the most affordable short-term insurance package? We’d love to help


Being underinsured or inappropriately insured could cost you severely and the risk can be enormous for some business circumstances. For peace of mind, as well as for the security of your family, employees, suppliers, and customers it is essential to be correctly insured, whether it’s commercial insurance, small business insurance, or business liability insurance.

Sit2Mat Financial Services can help you obtain the correct commercial insurance for your business needs and they can also make sure you get the best value for money, with an insurance solution tailored to your exact needs. Don’t try to sort through this alone, and perhaps end up paying more than you need to. Ask the experts to help you out which is Sit2Mat Financial Services. Correct advice, tailored solutions, value for money, managed insurance expenditure and all add you can rely on our company.